What is Reality?

Find Out How to access the Quantum Field to reach for any Information You Seek. That's what happens if Quantum Physics meets Neuroscience.

Only 0,1% of all information makes it to our mind…

If we trust latest studies of the leading edge consciousness researchers in Harvard and Princeton, reality is just an individual construct. It’s made up of unconscious patterns, beliefs, experiences and expectations. In understanding how to change these artefacts we are really, in the truest sense of the word, able to shape our reality – up to 100%.

Neurologically, only 0,1% of all sensory stimuli and environmental information we receive make it to our MIND. Thus, 99,9% (!) are filtered, we never consciously experience them. (Nevertheless, this much bigger part of what we perceive as Individual Consciousness is being impacted by these 99,9%. Read more here). Furthermore, a connection based on Quantum Physics is rooting in this fact: The further we have grown along our line of socio-emotional development, the more intentional, stable and positive we are when creating our emotions.


“Creation then is about the generation of a frequency or your personal energy. If you’re generating a frequency, you’re synchronizing your energy to the frequency of some possibility that already exists in the quantum field. Once you generate a new frequency that carries an intent or information from your internal state of being, then you’re connected to a new future.”[1]


The elegant way to Create Your Reality

And that again seems to be key to access information stored in the various layers of consciousness. So life is not about hoarding books and trying to jam all that knowledge into our brain and have all answers handy in a theoretical manner.  In a much more elegant fashion it’s about activating the ability to reach for any kind of information we need. For the first time it’s possible to explain reality creation not only in a tangible and scientific manner, but actually implement it in everyday life.


How is this practical knowledge?

If we combine the US Findings in neuroscience with quantum physics it’s already an intriguing story. But when you add the European tradition of embodiment, the so called Systemic Approach, you get incredibly powerful new tools for human development. Tangible ones, implementable by any individual, group, company, bridge club, football team – with immediate results in personal as well as business success. So now, for once, human lifespan development cannot only be measured, but actually be furthered.